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Brief list of basic rules:

  1. It is forbidden to remove your eye protection throughout the duration and in any areas of the event.
  2. It is prohibited to transfer negative rumors about other players or factions . Don’t destroy the game’s atmosphere!!
  3. It is prohibited to demand “KILL” and any dispute with an opponent or teammate.
  4. You have the right to note any player’s armband number showing inappropriate behavior. Inform the game masters or the game administrators after the end of the event . A questionaire will be sent to you after the event in order to strengthen the War Zone Behavior Control System.
  5. It is forbidden to light a fire.
  6. We use only biodegradable bbs.
  7. In game objects are kept only inside or next to buildings, control points (CP) and vehicles. Not inside tents and away from the main base camps. Precious stones are excluded.
  8. Assault: 350 fps, 5 steps, mid cap with 60 bbs, 800  bbs overall with you, resupply at main base camp.
  9. DMR: 450 fps, 10 steps, mid cap with 60 bbs, single shot, red dot is forbidden, 800 bbs overall with you, resupply at main base camp. Airgun special conditions apply.
  10. Sniper: 550 fps, 25 steps, single shot, 500 bbs overall with you, resupply at main base camp.
  11. Support: 400 fps, 10 steps, 3000 bbs overall with you, airgun weight exceeding 5 kg, resupply at main base camp.
  12. High cap magazines strictly prohibited  .
  13. Roles as DMR & Sniper do not play overnight and it is prohibited to approach buildings, keep 15 meters distance for safety reasons.
  14. Respawn occurs every half an hour in your main base camp, at the CP that you control and at portable flags you deploy .
  15. When I accept a bb! I shout out loudly “HIT”!! I wear the orange vest and I sit down for three minutes then I bleed out and I need to respawn. Alternatively I call Medic.
  16. I am able to stabilize the injured away from the frontline for 10 minutes, there Medic can be provided..
  17. During night game the dead/injured players indicate that they are off game by using red light (flashing light type).
  18. If our airgun gets hit by bbs we continue with the same aigun. The dead/injured players do not speak, do not run and do not try to find opponents positions.
  19. Players at any level of hierarchy can communicate with their senior 10 minutes after they are off the game.
  20. Players in the vehicles cabin don’t shoot and can’t be shot.
  21. When a truck is set off game, a red flag comes out or orange vests are placed on both sides and the vehicle stands still for 5 minutes. It is then moved  for 30 minutes respawn time.
  22. The truck/helicopter does not shoot and can’t be shot, the players inside are allowed to shoot and can be shooted upon as soon as they put their foot on the ground.

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